Trucking division

With our trucking service we are covering the whole of Germany on basis door-to-door for:
Part- and Full-Loads
Special transports
Delivery between main economic centers can be carried out within 24 hours. All other destinations will be reached within 48 hours.
For extremely urgent consignments we have any type of cars and trucks ready on short notice for special trips.
Export goods for our own ocean-freight-service will be collected as per your request from your factory or from any other place in Germany or Europe and delivery to the port will be made in time to meet the booked vesselīs departure. Naturally this service includes haulage of any type of container.
These will be placed punctually for loading as per shipperīs request. The container haulage will be done in agreement with our clients to the chosen port of shipment. Here again container trucking together with FOB-delivery and shipment means the whole service " in one hand". No need to involve two or three different parties, just one phone call will do.
Within the framework of our air freight service we do offer to our clients air freight road feeder services from all German main airports to Frankfurt airport and v.v. These transports are exclusively carried out by overnight-express-trucking in order to meet the scheduled aircraft.
Similar services connecting Frankfurt with other European main airports like Luxemburg, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc... .
The same reliable trucking-service is available for any destination within WEST- and EAST-EUROPE as well as CIS.